FAQ - Domande frequenti

1 - I became a member but I cannot log in to my account?

Once you complete filling out your details and submitting the application, the management division will automatically send you an account activation email. Your email will be sent immediately. In the event that no activation email has been sent to you, within 10 minutes, then you have probably mistyped your email account. In this case, contact us to let you know why you did not receive a member account activation email. Once you receive the activation email, follow the steps and activate your account as advised. When you activate the member account, you will be asked for your personal username and password. Enter correctly and then you will be logged on. If you have forgotten your username and password do not hesitate to request it from "send password".

2 - How are the photographs printed?

Photo sizes up to 30x45 are printed on state-of-the-art Noritsu MiniLab photo printers, the most sophisticated photo printers. The photos are printed on real Fujicolor Photographic Paper. For larger photos, 40X50 and above, printing is executed on state-of-the-art EPSON or Roland photo printers, depending on the subject matter for best results. We use new technology photographic paper of excellent quality, ideal for posters.

3 - What is the exact size of the photo, poster or canvas I want to print?

Exact Photo Size Dimensions Classic photo sizes for printing are as follows: 10x15 13x18

Useful Tips:

1. All sizes are for 300dpi resolution
2. An easy way to crop your files to the above sizes is to open the file in photoshop, get the crop tool and set width and height according to the table above. Unit of measurement cm and 300dpi pixels / inch.
3. Similarly, we write for e.g. size13x18cm or size15 × 20
4. For sizes 30x40cm and larger, for prints on a poster or canvas, specify exactly the size you want e.g. for 40 × 50 you write 40x50cm. It is known that for these prints the difference from 200 to 300dpi is imperceptible.

4 - Is there another way to send your photos?

Tel. e-shop: 211 42 11 181 / ext. 22 You can send us photo files to print with a USB or CD to the following address: Address STUDIO LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY 144 CHAR. ΤRIKOYPI STREET NEA ERYTHREA POSTAL CODE 14671 Along with the photo files you send us, it is mandatory to attach your Name, address, phone number, your order specifications (what size you want the photos to be printed) and how your order will be sent back to you. Once we receive your order, we will contact you immediately for the necessary clarifications and the cost for your order.

5 - What is a canvas print?

A canvas is a very strong, durable and special fabric, on which we can print your photo. The photo print on canvas creates a painterly effect which is very pleasing in detail, texture, and richness of shadows..

6 - I placed my order. Now what?

First of all, thank you very much for the order you just placed. You should immediately receive an email confirming your order. If the payment has been made by credit card, you will also receive a confirmation email from Eurobank. Check if the order confirmation emails have gone to spam. The real time progress of your order can be sought out in the section "My orders", which you will find in your account. Finally, when your order is sent by Courier, an email will be sent to you on the day of shipment. etc.). In case your order is rejected (non-acceptance of your card by the bank, non-completion of the order due to error, etc.), then we will inform you either by phone or by email about the non-completion of your order, explaining the reasons for the rejection.

7 - How can I select photos from my computer or mobile phone and upload them

Go to your account in the Add photos section. Select Add Photos, a new window opens, then drag your photos or click to upload them. If you want to select photos in a different order from a PC, in a Windows environment you must have the control pressed, in a Mac environment you must have the command pressed. If you want to select photos from your mobile, click on each photo of your choice. Attention A) You must select the exact number of photos according to your order. B) Do not lock the home screen because on some phones it ceases to send data.

8 - How i create an order